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How we cook our products:


It all starts with the selection of ingredients. And here we are uncompromising. 

Every hones cooking starts with a selection of quality ingredients.

We guarantee out customers that we do not use chemical additives (preservatives, fast salts, artificial sweeteners, stabilizers, dyes, etc.). Of course, this must also apply to the ingredients that we put in our meals, so for example, we have sausages produced in the traditional way by local butchers. It is practically impossible to buy a sausage today that does not contain fast salt and gluten.

In addition to quality, we also think of ecology. We make maximum use of local suppliers, and thanks to the shelf life, we ​​can cook meals seasonally when the given ingredients are freshly harvested. We also thought about ecology when choosing to package. The dishes are packed in an innovative multi-layer barrier bag. This packaging has significantly lower CO2 emissions during the product's life cycle compared to a glass or tin container.

Animal welfare is an important selection criterion. We buy raw materials only from suppliers who share our values ​​in this regard. For example, we are saying NO to caged hens, so it has RED in our company.




We don't do any secret magic when cooking.


We cook products as our grannies would cook. We don't use anything in the kitchen that you wouldn't find in every household.

For example, the base of our sauces is the overnight long-cook broth. We roast the vegetables only in cold-pressed oil and use healthier steam cooking for meat. We never use flavoring and seasoning mixes. We created our own mixture of corn and rice flour for gluten-free thickening. The flour is better digested, less caloric and the result is not recognizable from wheat flour.


Although we innovate technologically, the people we rely on are still the pillars of our cooking. Most of our staff have been with us for many years.



How come the Expres Menu lasts 3 years without preservatives?


To meet our vow - no chemistry in our dishes - we had to develop our own technology called CTP - a continuous thermal process. This process has only two ingredients: heat and careful work.


If we simplify the whole process, shortly it looks like this:

  • From the moment the food starts to cook, its temperature must not fall below 70 degrees C °.
  • The cooked product must get into our barrier pouch as soon as possible.
  • The pouch is hermetically sealed.
  • The completed product is sterilized in our custom-made equipment. In it, there is a shock heating to a high temperature and subsequent cooling.


All our meals are laboratory tested

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Here is one more important thing in the process:


The use of living water.

Today's way of eating, which contains a large proportion of chemically modified products, leads to over-acidification of our body. This acidity has a negative effect on our body and the taste of food as well.

That is why we use so-called living water in our products. Thanks to its alkalinity, we can use 30% less salt and 20% less pepper without any change in the resulting taste.




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