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We are a family company from the Czech Republic bringing new healthy products to the
English market.

We believe in the values ​that have helped us create a team of people with innovative
thinking Our company is built on people who take their job as a  mission.



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We want to address everyone with our products who care about quality and not just look at the price. All meals are prepared from high-quality fresh ingredients without preservatives, flavorings, dyes and all are gluten-free. When cooking, we use modified so-called "living" water, which allows us to use a third less salt and maintain the taste and quality of food.




Thanks to the patented "CTP" production process, they can be transported and stored at room temperature and have an incredible ten-year shelf life. All this creates a unique added value for our environmentally friendly products, minimizes waste, saves time and money. It also significantly contributes to overall well-being, supports health and maintains good physical and mental conditions. This is the story of how was based our parent company, and a unique method of food preparation created.


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My name is Petr Sogel. Twenty years ago, before establishing the company EXPRES MENU, I worked as an architect and as part of my business, in the city Trutnov, I renovated two buildings into a hotel which I started operating with my family. It began to bother me that the hotel kitchen is used only for breakfast and dinner after a while. This led me to the idea that we would start cooking meals for start-up companies here as an alternative to corporate meals for afternoon and night shifts. At that time, we were still using the shock-freezing method and in less than a year, the demand exceeded the hotel kitchen's capacity. Therefore, in 1999 we founded the family company EXPRES MENU and rented Motel Horal. When the operation manager joined the new independent production, it turned out that her children have a gluten intolerance. That motivated me to create gluten-free recipes, which are also free of artificials: preservatives, flavorings and colourings. We were still using the shock-freezing technology to preserve food at that time; however, I was always looking for a preservation method without the need for freezing and the use of chemicals. After studying new technologies in libraries, cooperation and advice with the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, after a year of work and research, we created the CTP method - a continuous thermal process, for which we obtained the patent. In practice, this means that we produce meals without preservatives, which can be stored at room temperature for a long time. In order to achieve the best product quality, it is necessary for suppliers to always provide us with fresh raw materials, which of course, must also be free of preservatives and gluten. It took us a long time to find reliable suppliers of smoked meats, bacon, tomato puree, or, for example, cream without any E-numbers. Now my son Adam has taken over the company's management, and his two children Viktor and David are also slowly learning. At present, I like to hold the position of senior counselor and assistant.





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